Every mom deserves a blessing!

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Girls like me!

I see you! Your the other mom, I haven’t met yet! Even though I’ve been wanting to introduce myself to, but find it hard to walk over. I notice you and you probably notice me as well. Many think I’m probably the one who’s stuck up or just miss goodie two shoes! We all know how that works....we’re girls! We all look at each other and think the other girl has it all together....but do we? Girls like me are wondering if your like me? I have struggles? Regrets, heartbreaks, anxiety, self esteem issues, weight gain...etc! I view myself as quiet, shy & meek! Although looking through someone else’s eyes they may see someone different! A girls who thinks she has it all together, that her life is perfect or she is just all about her self! But you know what? We are all facing a battle. In our own way. Us girls are hard on ourselves. We see all that we aren’t! Whether it’s body type, money, fame, personality, etc.....Let’s stop beating ourself up. We are bottling up emotions, thoughts, bitterness and constantly comparing ourself to other girls! But when we look deep into their lives; their life looks very similar to yours! Girls we need each other! We need love, prayer, and God’s grace to get through the stresses and struggle. Life is hard... but God doesn’t want jealousy or for us to feel lonely or abandoned! God made us to be the sensitive one. So let’s use it in a positive way and not look down on our female gender! So girls like you .... are very much like girls like me!!!  💕 Encourage a girlfriend today!💕




   Melissa ☀️


To all my moms out there! You know the struggle! It’s real right? My name is Melissa. I’m a wife and mother of 3! If your like me then you can relate! Ha.... it’s life right! But you don’t have to do this alone! Get on board with me! I am here to inspire and encourage all you women in this journey called life! Though it maybe tough! Get up and roll with it! You got this! 

Always, Melissa